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Current topics | Last update 04.12.2016

Voting for further prosperity

From the early hours of the morning, polling station No 81 in the village of Kipchak in Boghot District of Khorazm Region is packed with voters.


04December 2016

Entrepreneurs voting for wellbeing

In the years of independence, our country’s economy rose nearly by a factor of 6, and industry’s share in its structure increased from 14 per cent to 34 per cent. Despite the ongoing global financial-economic crisis, among just a few states of the world is Uzbekistan with GDP growth rates exceeding 8 per cent a year over the past 11 years.


04December 2016

In Uzbekistan’s presidential elections, more than 555 thousand young men and girls are voting for the first time

In the years of independence, First President Islam Karimov’s idea “Our children must be stronger, smarter, wiser and certainly happier than us” turned into a national goal. Today work in this area is in progress even on a larger scale. And so the country’s young people are taking an active part in reforms being implemented for the further extension of democratization and civil society formation.


04December 2016

The Motherland’s today and tomorrow depend on us

All are taking an active part in today’s important political event in the life of the nation – the elections of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Voters are coming to polling stations and voting for the candidate whom they regard as the worthiest. Among the voters are sportsmen who have worthily defended the honour of our Motherland in prestigious international competitions.


04December 2016

My vote – my contribution

At all the polling stations of our country, an active electoral process is in progress. Using their constitutional right, citizens are electing the country’s President.


04December 2016

Voting continues in Shakhimardan

Voters commenced voting in the early morning in Shakhimardon village of the Ferghana district.


04December 2016

Every vote is important

Ballot papers are being dropped into the ballot box one after another. Familiarized earlier with the biographies of the presidential candidates, students of the higher customs military institute of the State Customs Committee of Uzbekistan are exercising their constitutional right to vote in the elections. At the educational establishment, polling station No 580 was formed.


04December 2016

Voting for peaceful development

The elections of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan are continuing actively. A member of the Uzbekistan national swimming team, winner of the XV summer Paralympic Games and holder of the “Ozbekiston iftihori” rank of honour, Firdavsbek Musabekov, voted for the candidate of his choice at polling station No 73 in the town of Andijon.


04December 2016

Businesspeople vote for further development

Uzbekistan is among the countries with a steadily growing economy. This is evidenced by the fact that over the past 11 years, the growth of the gross domestic product of our country has been over 8 percent annually. The main factor in achieving these successes are the sequence of reforms to create the conditions and opportunities for development of small business and private entrepreneurship.


04December 2016

Seniors vote for bright future of the youth

At all 20 polling station in the Gulistan district, the elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan are underway.


04December 2016
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