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A briefing of the observation mission of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation

A briefing of the observation mission of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation

place: Republican Press Center on Covering

the Elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

date and time: 30.03.2015, 15:00

First of all, on behalf of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), I would like to express our appreciation to the Central Election Commission for inviting us to take part in monitoring this important election, and also for all their assistance and support to our delegation, without which we wouldn't have been able to fulfill our mission successfully. This is the fourth election in Uzbekistan that the OIC has so far attended in the monitoring process. It is clear that the people of Uzbekistan have, over the previous elections, accumulated positive experiences in holding successful elections.


Yesterday, our delegation composed of four groups, visited more than 40 polling stations in and around the city of Tashkent. We observed the election process from the early morning up to the end of the day when the ballots were counted. We noticed a very massive turnout of the people who casted their votes very passionately. We believe that the great people of Uzbekistan, knowing their personal responsibility, showed their interest to exercise their civil and political rights to further consolidate, democracy in their country.


Yesterday, the election was totally peaceful, well-prepared, well-organized and went in good order. The personnel responsible for those polling stations that we visited were professionally managing and directing the election process. We did not observe any irregularities in visited polling stations. The OIC will duly issue its official position on the election soon.


I would like to, once again, congratulate the people of Uzbekistan and appreciate the cooperation and assistance we received from the concerned authorities here in Uzbekistan. We wish all of them more success in their endeavors to build a better future.


30March 2015

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