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Elections to Legislative Chamber end

The Central Election Commission of Uzbekistan held a session on 12 January to consider the results of the elections to the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis.
As reported earlier, the second round of voting was held on 10 January in 39 electoral districts.

The CEC adopted a resolution on registration of 39 deputies of the lower chamber of the parliament elected last Sunday.

Thus, elections in all 135 territorial electoral districts were announced completed.

The elections were held in full compliance with the national legislation, the head of CEC Mirza-Ulugbek Abdusalomov told journalists in Tashkent.

The parties and their candidates had equal rights and possibilities to hold their election campaigns, meet the voters and using the mass media.

Four candidates fought for one seat in 99 electoral districts and three candidates in 36 districts.

17,215,700 people were on the list of the eligible voters, of which over 15.108 million or 87.8% participated in the first round of voting.

After the first round on 27 December, deputies were elected in 96 districts. Besides, 15 deputies were elected from the Ecological Movement on the same day.

In the second round of voting, held on 10 January, 3.96 million or 79.7% of a total 4,969,547 eligible voters participated. They voted for one of the two candidates in each of 39 districts.

Summing up the results of the elections, CEC head said the Liberal Democratic Party received 53 seats in the lower house, People’s Democratic Party 32 seats, Milliy Tiklanish (National Revival) democratic party 31 seats and Adolat (Justice) social democratic party 19 seats.

33 deputies or 22% of all elected members of the lower house are women. 47 deputies or 31.3% have been elected to the Legislative Chamber for the second time.

Over 50 local and more than 200 foreign mass media covered the election process. 36 states and four international organizations (OSCE ODIHR, CIS Executive Committee, SCO and OIC) send more than 270 observers.

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