Central election commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan



Social-democratic party of Uzbekistan Adolat (SDPU Adolat) was founded on February 18, 1995 at the first Founding Congress of the party.
Now SDPU Adolat has 77.210 members which are united in 2590 primary party organizations.
Main objectives of SDPU Adolat are:
- construction of strong socially-oriented state governed by the rule of law;
- creation of just civil society;
- contribution to the development of socially-oriented market economy;
- further strengthening of norms of social justice in society, protection of rights and freedoms of citizens.
The Supreme Body of the party is Kurultay (Congress).
Plenums of Political Council of the party are held not less than two times a year.
The political newspaper Adolat is a primary publication of the Social-democratic party of Uzbekistan Adolat which was founded on February 22, 1995.

Partys web site: www.adolat.uz