Foreign observers have the right to participate in all events on elections

On November 6, 2019, a training seminar was organized at the International Press Center of the Central Election Commission for members of the district election commissions on the role of observers in the election process.

The training seminar was held via video conferencing with the involvement of an international expert, a representative of the United Nations Development Program, Georgy Baratashvili.

The event was attended by a member of the Central Election Commission Gulnoza Rakhimova, CEC employees, as well as more than 300 members of district election commissions responsible for cooperation with international observers.

The training was conducted in an interactive mode with the provision of detailed information on the importance of the institution of international observation and international standards for election observation, the status and powers of international observers, their rules of conduct, the powers and duties of observers.

During the event, it was noted that the Central Election Commission, after announcing the election campaign on September 20 of this year, sent invitations to international organizations and a number of foreign countries through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to participate in the election observation.

Among these are international organizations such as the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, the Executive Committee and the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the World Association of Electoral Bodies, as well as 26 foreign election bodies, parliamentarians of foreign states, representatives of research institutes and others.

This demonstrates the transparency and openness of the electoral process in our country, the commitment of Uzbekistan to obligations under international documents and universally recognized democratic principles.

According to article 33 of the Election Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, foreign (international) observers have the right to participate in all activities for the preparation and conduct of elections.

Also, CEC Resolution No. 938 of September 19 approved the Regulation “On observers from foreign states and international organizations participating in the elections of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, which regulates the activities of international observers in the country's elections.

Foreign states and international organizations must submit relevant documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs no later than fifteen days before the voting day, and the ministry must submit an application to the CEC with the appendix of observer documents. The CEC, within five days, adopts a resolution on the accreditation of foreign (international) observers.

During the training seminar, a representative of UNDP and the CEC provided detailed information on procedures for working with international observers and innovations in the electoral legislation of Uzbekistan. 

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