Chairman of the Central Commission of the Republic of Tajikistan on Elections and Referenda Bakhtiyor T. Khudoyorzoda

Parliamentary elections in each country are an important political process. Reforms in Uzbekistan, especially in recent years, are recognized internationally. That is why international organizations are very interested in this year's election.

An international observer mission will visit before the start of an election to assess a pre-election situation in a country, including preparations for elections. Their task is to develop recommendations on the feasibility of election-related activities.

I am part of the CIS Observation Mission in the elections in Uzbekistan. We see a thorough preparation for the upcoming elections. One of the key principles is that the electoral process is conducted in a democratic, impartial and transparent manner.

The electoral code and electoral legislation in Uzbekistan are in full compliance with international norms and standards.

20.12.2019 698