Members of the Uzbek delegation are monitoring the presidential election in Moldova

Moldova is holding presidential elections on November 1 this year. Eight candidates are vying for the presidency. They are Renato Usaty of Our Party, Andrei Nastase of the DA Platform, Tudor Deliu of the Liberal Democratic Party, Igor Dodon of the Independent Candidate (incumbent President), Violetta Ivanova of the Shore, and Maya Sandu of the Movement and Solidarity Party (PAS), Octavian Tsyku from the National Unity Party and Dorin Kirtoake from the UNIREA bloc. 

The total number of citizens registered in the state register of voters is 3,287,140 eligible voters. 

A total of 2,143 polling stations were opened on election day. 139 of them are abroad, and 42 polling stations are located on the left bank of Lake Dniester in Eastern Europe.

The Central Election Commission of Moldova has established the order of voting at polling stations. According to it, all 2143 open polling stations are equipped with anti-epidemic means. In particular, a protective mask, gloves, thermometer, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant were purchased.

Commission members may ask a voter to remove his or her mask for a short time during the verification of an identity card. After that, the citizen will have to sign the voter list.

About 2,000 national observers and more than 300 international observers, including members of the Uzbek delegation, are directly monitoring the presidential election.

On October 31, the Central Election Commission of Moldova held a meeting with the Chairman of the Commission Dorin Chimil, and the Head of the Secretariat of the Central Election Commission of Uzbekistan H. Mamatov.

According to the meeting, about 6,000 specialists from the Interior Ministry and about a thousand information security specialists were involved in the elections to ensure public safety.

A video recording system has also been set up in all polling stations. The video recording system is not connected to the internet, only works to monitor election procedures in the absence of voters on election day. They are activated at the beginning of the preparatory work related to the opening of the polling station (sealing of ballot boxes, checking the presence of voter lists, ballot papers, stamps) and stopped when the polling station is opened.

Under Moldovan election law, the head of state is elected based on a two-tier system of an absolute majority. If no candidate receives more than 50 percent of the vote in the first round, a second-round is held. If the second round of this year’s presidential election is held, it will take place on November 15th.

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