What is the role of international observers in the election?

A seminar training for the members of international observers and Working Group for Coordination works with Foreign Mass Media in the elections to representative of government bodies of state power was held in Samarkand.

The event was organized by the OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Uzbekistan in the framework of the project activities of the Central Election Commission with participation of election experts.

Representative of the Central Election Commission Farhod Nasriddinov gave information about on the basic concepts of the electoral code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the order of registration of observers, their rights and obligations, as well as the role of territorial bodies in the organization and conduct of elections.


“Representatives of political parties, self-government bodies, many international organizations and states, local and foreign mass media representatives directly monitor the preparation and conduct of parliamentary and local elections process” – said F.Nasriddinov. "Only about three hundred representatives of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights are expected to attend in the elections”. In addition, observers from other international organizations, as well as foreign countries will attend. Obviously, observers are well aware of their rights and responsibilities. At the same time, election commissioners should have the necessary knowledge and understanding about whole process.


During the seminar, the OSCE experts spoke about international standards for the organization and conduct of elections, as well as the legal and regulatory framework. Reports on the importance of participation of international observers in the elections, the criteria for evaluating the elections were also heard.


G. Khasanov, UzA

10.10.2019 829