Memo for voters

Article 55. Voting procedure

After receiving the ballot paper, the voter fills it in the booth or room for secret ballot. The presence of persons other than the voter shall not be permitted when filling out the ballot. A voter who is not able to fill in the ballot paper on his / her own has the right to invite another person to the booth or the secret ballot room at his / her discretion, with the exception of persons who are members of the election commission, observers and representatives of the media.

The Voter puts one of the marks “+” or “ ” or “х” on empty square situated on the right side, opposite to the surname of the candidate for whom he/she is voting.

The voter shall put the completed ballot paper into the ballot box.

At the request of the voter, the spoiled ballot may be replaced by a new one. Spoiled ballots shall be recorded, cancelled (by cutting the upper left corner) and stored separately.

Article 56. Voting at the place of residence of the voter

In cases when individual voters for health or other reasons can not come to the polling station, the relevant precinct election commission at their request organizes a vote at the place of residence of these voters.

A commission of at least two members with a portable ballot box shall be sent to the place of residence of the voter, which shall ensure that the voting is conducted in compliance with the secrecy of his / her will. Observers and media representatives may be present.

Article 57. Early voting

A voter who is unable to stay at his / her place of residence on election day shall have the right of early voting.

Early voting begins ten days before the election and ends three days before the election. The time of early voting shall be determined by the relevant district election Commission and communicated to the voters, observers through the media.

For early voting, the voter on the basis of an application indicating the reason for absence on the election day (vacation, business trip, travel abroad, etc.) shall receive a ballot paper from the relevant precinct election commission. In the presence of at least two members of the relevant precinct commission, the voter shall sign the receipt of the ballot paper in the voter list.

The ballot shall be filled in by the voter in a specially equipped booth or room for secret ballot.

The voter shall make a decision and leave the completed ballot in a closed envelope, which is stored in the safe of the relevant precinct election Commission. At the place of gluing the envelope the signatures of two members of the precinct Commission shall be put, which shall be confirmed by the seal of the Commission and the signature of the voter.


Election Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan