The next meeting of the CEC

On November 14, 2019, a regular meeting of the CEC was held. The event was attended by the members of the Central Election Commission, representatives of political parties and mass media.

The agenda included the approval of the form of the ballot for elections to the Legislative Chamber and local Kengashes and a sample of its text, accreditation of media representatives. The report on the readiness for the election processes of the International Press Center of the Surkhandarya department of the CEC was heard.

During the event, the form and text of the ballot for Presidential and parliamentary elections are approved by the Central Election Commission. The name, first name and patronymic of the candidate indicating the year of birth, position (occupation), place of work and the political party that nominated him / her are entered in the alphabetical order.

The ballot must contain an explanation of the procedure for filling out it. Ballots are printed in the state language, as well as by the decision of the district election commission in the languages ​​used by the majority of the population of the respective district. Ballots can be made using Braille.

Precinct election commissions receive ballots from the district election commissions no later than three days before the day of voting, including early voting. The issuance and receipt of ballots shall be confirmed by the chairman or deputy chairman or secretary of the district and precinct election commission with their signature on the relevant document.

The number of ballots received by the precinct election commission may not exceed the number of citizens included in the lists of the precinct by more than half a percent. In the upper right corner of the ballot paper are the signatures of two members of the precinct election commission, which are certified by the seal of the precinct commission. Ballots not certified by the precinct election commission shall not be taken into account when counting votes.

The agenda also included the issue of accreditation of media representatives. It should be noted that media representatives during the election campaign must freely, quickly disseminate reliable information. Therefore, accreditation is carried out in order to organize their work within the legal framework. Representatives of the mass media can from the announced day of the starting election campaign and at least 15 days before the election, apply to the CEC, as well as to regional, district and city election commissions for accreditation. Accreditation of both local and foreign media representatives continues.

The report on the readiness for the election processes of the International Press Center of the Surkhandarya department of the CEC was also heard.

In particular, the Surkhandarya regional branch of the CEC International Press Center initiated to hold over 30 events. The regional media published 156 articles on the upcoming elections on December 22.

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