Pre-election agitation will start after November 17

Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission Mahmud Istamov spoke about the stages of the election process for the election of deputies of the Legislative Chamber and local Kengashes, which will be held on December 22. It should be noted that, on September 20, was announced the beginning of the election campaign.

From October 18 to November 7, political parties hold their congresses, kurultays and plenums, at which candidates for deputies of the lower house of parliament and local kengashes will be nominated. The right to nominate candidates for deputies belongs exclusively to political parties.

After the registration of candidates for deputies, the main stage of the election campaign will begin - the election campaign, which allows candidates to familiarize voters with the election programs and win their support.

The legislation of Uzbekistan clearly defines the dates for each stage of the electoral process, having points of reference until election day:

Regional, district, city election commissions are formed by local kengashes at least 80 days before the election, consisting of 7-15 members of the commission and exercise their powers until the announcement of the start of the next election campaign;

The district election commission for the election of deputies of the Legislative Chamber is formed by the CEC, and the district election commission for elections to local kengashes is formed by the regional, district, city election commission at least 70 days before the election, consisting of the chairman, deputy chairman, secretary and 6-8 other members of the commission.

A precinct election commission shall be formed by the district election commission at least 40 days before the election with 5–19 members, including the chairman, deputy chairman and secretary.

To date, constituencies and polling stations have been formed, and their lists indicating the boundaries and number of voters are published in the press.

For the election of deputies of the Legislative Chamber, 150 electoral districts are formed, as well as no more than 60 electoral districts for elections to the regional and Tashkent city kengashes of people's deputies and no more than 30 electoral districts to district and city kengashes of people's deputies.

One deputy is elected from each constituency. Over 6700 constituencies for the election of deputies of local kengashes, and more than 10 thousand polling stations, including 53 polling stations with representative offices of Uzbekistan in foreign countries, were formed in the republic.

Election commissions conduct early voting and voting on election day - December 22, and also count votes in the precinct, in the district and summarize the election results.

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